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Former Trustees and Officers

June Barrett
John Beckwith
Diana Brault (Recording secretary)
Robert Cram
William Driver
Mary Lou Fallis
Josette Finch (Recording secretary)
Arthur Gelber
Gregory Johnston
John B. Lawson (President)
David S. R. Leighton
Amy Loh (Treasurer)
Patricia MacMillan
Keith MacMillan
Ross MacMillan
Carl Morey
Mary Morrison

Clare Mazzoleni Piller
Randall Reid (Treasurer)
Eugene Rittich
Susan Rowbottom (Treasurer)
Terence Sheard
Patricia Wardrop
David Windeyer (Treasurer)
David Wishart

Jennifer Wlodarczyk (Recording Secretary)
Current Trustees and Officers

Gwen Beamish
Andrea Brown (Recording Secretary)
David Elder
Robin Elliott
John Grew
Betsy MacMillan
Ian MacMillan (President)
Robin MacMillan

Paul McCallan (Treasurer)
Timothy McNicholas
Clayton Scott