Other Recipients of the Award


2023 Manuel Piazza Organ
2022 Aaron Tan Organ
2021 Martin Jones Organ
2020 Thomas Burton Choral Conducting
2019 Jocelyn Lafond Organ
2018 Gabrielle Gaudreault Choral Conducting
2016 Kathleen Allan Choral Conducting
2012 Joel Tranquilla Choral Conducting
2010 Geneviève Leclair Orchestral Conducting
2008 Meghan Forsyth Research in Canadian Music
2006 Marie-Ève Scarfone Collaborative Piano
2004 The Tokai String Quartet of Toronto
(Amanda Goodburn and Csaba Koczo, violins, Yosef Tamir, viola, and Rafael Hoekman, cello)

The Lloyd-Carr Harris String Quartet of Montreal (Emmanuel Vukovich and Aya Ito, violins, Frédéric Lambert, viola, and Hannah Addario-Berry, cello)
Chamber Music
2002 Paul Jeffrey Brass Instruments
2001 Jonathan Oldengarm Organ
2000 Cynthia Yeh Percussion Instruments
1999 Vincent Parizeau Double Reeds (Bassoon)
1998 Rosemary Thomson Conducting Community & Youth Orchestras
1997 Chester Jankowski Composition
1996 Janet Brenneman Music Education
1995 Grant Wenaus Piano Accompaniment
1994 Karen Pegley
Andrew Zinck
Canadian Music - musicology
1993 Meredith Hall Early Music
1992 The Hammerhead Consort Chamber Music
1991 Jens Lindemann
James Sommerville
Brass Instruments (Trumpet)
Brass Instruments (French horn)
1990 Virginia Caputo Ethnomusicology - Children's Songs
1989 David Gerry Pedagogy
1988 Marc-André Doran Young Musician - Organ
1987 Bernard Labadie Choral & Orchestral Conducting
1986 Robert May Composition
1985 Gayle Young Publication of Biography of Hugh Le Caine


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